ClickPlayTime 6 Walkthrough

Level 01
Swipe to tuck in the head, legs and tail of the tortoise.
Level 02
There is a pic of a HOUSE – Remove H and replace with J – Remove E and replace with T – The answer is JOUST.
Level 03
Top Right РTigga (Cat with tiger stripes) РTop Left РAsh (Grey cat) РBottom Left РScrap (Cat with scar and a split ear) РBottom Right РBowie (Cat with a bow).
Level 04
The arrows relate to positions on a clock. The answer is 1963.
Level 05
Touch the worms in order, indicated by the colours in the sign above them. YELLOW, BLUE, YELLOW, PINK, YELLOW.
Level 06
Who is missing from the list of characters? The answer is VELMA.
Level 07
Touch the comic frames until they tell a story. Frame 1 –¬†“Whoa dude! Nice hair!!” / Frame 2 – “Thanks man …” / Frame 3 – Yeah, I can ask …” / Frame 4 – “Later, on some farm”.
Level 08
Enter the digits that you would find on a phone, at the indicated positions (numbers). The answer is 2056.
Level 09
Touch to start rotating / touch to stop and shoot. Shoot all 6 invaders.
Level 10
What do you get when you combine the colours in the clue? The answer is BROWN.
Level 11
Remember the positions of the gnomes, then click BLUE or GREEN, as instructed.
Level 12
You have 4 sets of shapes with a top and bottom parts. What do you get when you switch them from top to bottom? The answer is 4502.
Level 13
Rotate the correct dials within 4 moves, in order to align the PLAY pieces inside the device, then click the eye. The correct order is: Swipe the top dial right 2x / second from top – left 1x / third from top – left 1x.
Level 14
What does 40:40 mean is Tennis? The answer is DEUCE.
Level 15
The answer on each monster equals the sum of the two monsters below. Swipe the clue away, then touch the monsters to cycle through the digits. The number are: Second row from the top – 9, 7 / Third row from the top – 3 / Bottom row – 5, 1, 2, 2 or 4, 2, 1, 3.
Level 16
How many moves would it take for a Knight in Chess, to get to the red X? The answer is 2134.


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